6 Ways the Internet can enhance your business

The Internet has revolutionised the way in which entrepreneurs and corporations run their practices. It has allowed large and small enterprises to reach a wider customer base and also conduct business deals in international markets.

Here are six ways the internet has helped companies enhance their service offerings to meet their customers’ needs:


1. Shop at the click of a button

It’s now easier than ever for people and businesses to set up e-commerce stores/shops online. For people who have busy schedules and little time to pop to the store and get a present or grab lunch – now it can be done with the click of a button. People have the convenience of shopping online, placing an order and having it delivered to their doorstep.


2. See your videos in action

Many companies and entrepreneurs are making YouTube and Vimeo an essential part of their marketing strategies. Businesses are also able to upload and share tutorials for their employees to watch and implement in their everyday work experience. These tutorials or strategies could also be useful to other companies that may be struggling in certain sectors of their business or searching for inspiration.


3. Build your own website

Companies and entrepreneurs have the added benefit of creating their own websites from scratch. With programs like WordPress, companies can choose their layouts and build an entire website or blog site. Gone are the days of static websites or of only web developers being able to create and update websites.


4. Stay in touch with your employees and clients

Applications such as GoToMeeting and Skype have given businesses the ability to host online meetings with clients and employees locally and internationally. You don’t have to be in the same country or office to have a meeting. Chat and call to discuss important business from the comfort of your boardroom, PC or smartphone.

5. Online service with a smile and a click of a button

Customers can get most of their questions and concerns addressed online. Businesses can offer consumers the benefit of online services and support via live private chat rooms or forums. All you do is click on the link and type away about your issue, and get an instant response and solution – without having to listen to the annoying sound being repeated in your ear of: “Your call is important to us, please stay on the line.”


6. Click ‘download’ to access your documents and images

In the digital age it’s the norm for companies (big and small) to need sufficient storage for large amounts of data and to have the capability to share this information with their fellow employees and clients. Safe storage of information onto external hard drives or USB devices is still acceptable as far as backing up information is concerned, but nowadays virtual ‘Cloud’ storage is the preferred method, due to its accessibility.

Dropbox and YouSendIt are popular versions of Cloud storage solutions that allow people to store and share information and visuals quickly and easily without using up all your data trying to send the information via email!

So, if you’re not already maximising the Internet to make your company more visible, efficient and effective – it’s time for you to come out of the dark ages and into the light!

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